Lathe Chucks

Lathe Chucks and It Types

This chucks is use to grasp work piece. This hurl is mostly famous employment holding gadget use on some machine in different sizes alongside shape: parts of a Lathe Chuck are as underneath:

  • Jaws arranged by high carbon steel hard-chomped temper with round
  • Scroll plate-arranged with cast iron
  • Screw – arranged with machine steel
  • Hurl key – arranged with machine steel
  • Principle body – arranged with cast iron
  • Back plate – arranged with machine steel

Types of Chucks

There are principle sorts of tosses are as underneath

  • Three jaws throw
  • Four jaw throw
  • Six jaws throw
  • Gather throw
  • Jacobs gather throw
  • Attractive throw
  • Air worked throw

Three Jaws Chuck

Three jaws throws are otherwise called self-focusing toss and is additionally call all inclusive check. These jaws are unguarded with shut physically through turning somebody of three screws with throw key. This toss is legitimate to around, triangular, with hexagonal word. Three jaws throws are set up in various sizes starting 5″ to 16″ in breadth. They for the most part give by two arrangements of jaws, one utilized for external surface tossing with the other for inside hurl.

Four Jaws Chuck

Four jaws toss is otherwise called widespread check and four jaws toss. All jaw is inspired independently through its screw with the key. Throw is excessively giving by reversible jaws. It is legitimate for odd-shape, imaginary threw with unconventional occupation. All inclusive and free toss safeguard be settled to the three sorts of headstock shafts.

  • Cam lock shaft nose
  • Decreased nose shaft
  • Strung nose shaft
  • Six Jaws Chuck

Six jaws hurl is for the most part a four-jaw throw in which jaws may be natural additionally independently, while in a free four-jaw toss, or mutually, as in like manner three-jaw toss. This hurl contains six spaces for embeddings six jaws. It is practical for holding save work-piece. Initial segment is arranged accurately by modify the greater part of the jaws. The take after piece is next found like the main piece with the self-focusing attachments in the hurl carcass are use to fix the occupation in throw.

Collect Chuck

Gather throw is the primarily exact toss with is use for high precision work by chilly drawn geometrical structure bar stock. Spring collets are available to grip round, square, or hexagon molded work – pieces. All collet have a progression of on a lone a few a large number of an inch or hundredths above or under the size emblazoned on the collet. Unique connector is inherent enthused about the decrease of headstock axle. At the point when the hand wheel is pivot, it attracts the gather to the decreasing connector, cause collet to make more tightly on the workpiece.

Jacobs Collet Chuck

This throw contains a more extensive arrangement than the winding gathers toss. Rather than a delineate bar, it utilize an effect constriction hand-wheel to bolt the collet on the workpiece. A position of 11 Rubber-Flex-Collets, all contain a change arrangement of almost 1/8″ (3mm), make it attainable to grasp a broad arrangement of work distances across. While the hand-wheel is turned clockwise, elastic flex-collet is constrained into a decrease, cause it to fix on work-piece. While the hand wheel is turned hostile to clockwise collet open and discharge work pieces.

Attractive Chuck

This toss is use to grip iron or steel parts to be likewise thin or in order to may be harm if held in a traditional hurl. This toss is altered to a connector mount on head stock axle. Occupation is held equally for adjust capacity for turning throw wrench around one-quarter turn. When employment have be turned, toss is swung to all out spot to hold the occupation immovably. Attractive hurl is utilize basically lastingly polarized bit of iron are altered into the façade of the toss.

Air Operated Chuck

Pneumatic power is use to grip the work on this toss. This is mostly legitimate throw for hold the employments quick with no harm the external or inward façade being braced and use on commanding machines. For more points of interest visit :-


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