jaw chucks · Lathe Chucks

Grip workpieces with devices as chucks, collets, faceplates, lathe centers, mandrels

Chucks are tools quite effective to hold working devices particularly short ones while long pieces are good to be hold by a chuck at one end with tailstock at the other.

3 jaw chuck has a spiral plate with teeth on the back of 3 jaws in machining sets made of hardened steel.


4 jaw chuck is more accurate to hold odd shaped work pieces as compared to 3 jaw chuck with independent jaws. Knurls rotate in a holder to form fine patterns on the surface of the workpiece.


Collet holder used to held and exert clamping force on the tool or workpiece to be secured tightening. A large diameter depicts less cases of slippage under heavy loads.


The faceplate either made of a metal or plastic covers the device’s face surface. This holding accessory attached to the lathe which enhances the object’s functioning and alter the looks.


A lathe centre effectively works to position a work piece on its axis to produce concentric work. Similarly there are dead centres without moving parts to provide support to fixed or rotating machine end while a drive center used in the headstock surrounded by teeth.


Mandrel is a shaft to forge or shaping the material to be machined in a lathe.




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